Ulysses: European Odyssey

    Tandem Cultural Capitals

    CHORUS at UNESCO’s Art Lab platform

Chorus is a non-profit organisation founded to build a bridge between arts, education and society. Its mission is to promote humanitarian principles and values, to trigger public debate and mobilise the public on key social issues, to support the proactiveness of the Civil Society, as well as to foster respect for the rights of each individual through contemporary artistic creation, education and cultural activity in general.

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CHORUS becomes NEB Community Partner

CHORUS is now part of the NEB Community of Partners! The New European Bauhaus is a creative and interdisciplinary initiative, […]

SEEDS  – Means for a sustainable art practice 

SEEDS is a project that combines Art with Sustainability. The project’s main goal is to gather artists from around Europe […]


metamorphoSEA is a cultural project being implemented in Elefsina as part of the Ulysses European Odyssey initiative which connects 18 European cities. It focuses on mobilising local communities to address environmental issues through cultural practices.



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Letter from IETM to the Greek Ministry of Culture

Brussels, May 25th, 2020 Attention: Minister of Culture & Sports Ms Lina MendoniCC: Secretary-General of Contemporary Culture Mr Nicholas Giatromanolakis […]

This madness has to stop!

Actress and activist Kay Sara would perform Antigone in Milo Rau‘s ‘Antigone in Amazonia’, premiering on Saturday, May 16th, 2020. […]

For Helin, Ibrahim and Mustafa.

Over 120 Greek musicians, singers, actors, sound engineers and cameramen, despite the adverse conditions of the Greek art scene, united […]