About Us

Chorus is a collective of active and engaged individuals from the cultural and creative sectors. Our mission is the research, promotion, and sustainable use of cultural heritage and modern artistic creation, in cooperation with groups, organisations and citizens in Greece and abroad.

Our name comes from the chorus of the Ancient Greek drama. The chorus -the public opinion of the ancient city- plays a leading role in drama through speech, music and movement. It defines the play’s atmosphere, establishes its heroes and clarifies the poet’s message to the audience. The Greek chorus frames the action of every tragedy, comedy or satyr play. All of us in Chorus believe that socially active citizens can -and must- shape the future with their words, passion, and attitude towards life.

Chorus was founded in Eleusis in 2016 by Panos Gkiokas, Maria Kastani, Yannis Pappas, Cleopatra Ambatzoglou, and Vangelis Gkinis. All events and their design are an expression of the deepest longings and vision of its members.

Chorus extends a welcoming hand to all those who are eager to take a stand and contribute to the realisation of their desires, yearnings, and dreams through collective processes and with the assistance of an established entity.

Panagiotis Gkiokas


Yannis Pappas


Maria Kastani