CHORUS is now part of the NEB Community of Partners! The New European Bauhaus is a creative and interdisciplinary initiative, […]


September 2023

metamorphoSEA is a cultural project being implemented in Elefsina as part of the Ulysses European Odyssey initiative which connects 18 European cities. It focuses on mobilising local communities to address environmental issues through cultural practices.

“Pariahs: Performing Europe’s Historical Memory” is an interdisciplinary, creative project implemented within the Creative Europe programme, that uses community-based activities […]

Ex Eleusinos

October 2022

“Ex Eleusinos” (“From Eleusis”)At the back yard of the Eleusis Railway Station, on Tuesday 29 June 2021, CHORUS presented the […]

Through theatre performance we aim to create a new performative, participatory and critical space to discuss relevant questions on identity/nationality/sense of belonging to a larger community, that of Europe