Chorus and the Municipality of Eleusis invite you to the presentation of a book by Eva Kasiarou, titled You were only a child on Saturday, 3 March, at 18:30 in the Eleusis Municipal Cultural Centre (

“It blends contemporary scientific knowledge on child sexual abuse issues with the sensitivity and eloquence of telling a story written for children, adolescents, their parents, and other adults. It sensitizes and informs the reader, without causing any panic, on a fairly frequent phenomenon, so emotionally charged that it can stigmatize and affect negatively with grief and guilt the entire life of a sexually abused child. It is a text full of emotions, sometimes pleasant and redeeming and sometimes bad, unpleasant and unbearable.”

Panel discussion:

Ms. Alcmene Stantzou (psychologist)

Ms. Georgia Roussou (lawyer)

Ms. Anthe Valavani (former associate at the Research Centre for Gender Equality)

And Ms Eva Kasiarou (writer)

A psychologist from the Smile of the Child will be in attendance, while the actress Maria Kastani will read excerpts from the book.