How does the human body react to stimuli that arise from collective social issues and phenomena?

How can those reactions be transformed into data, through technological research?

How could the human experience become source material for contemporary artistic creation?

Transition to 8” is an innovative research project, implemented by the cultural management company MENTOR, the Department of Psychology at the University of Athens, and “Athena” Research Centre.

Through a cross-sectoral approach that combines contemporary artistic creation with the humanities, research and innovation, the project aims to raise awareness on pressing social issues such as racism, environmental degradation, homophobia, gender inequality, immigration, unemployment, malnutrition, the migrant crisis etc. 

Through sociodrama sessions, representatives of different social groups will articulate their viewpoints, to deliberate, and offer solutions to issues that affect them. 

Transitioning to number 8

The story of number 7 is lost in the mists of time; nevertheless, seven is printed in the collective unconscious mind of humanity. It is a number indissolubly associated with the history of the human race and its worldview; seven musical notes, seven primary colours, seven days per week, seven focal points in the subtle body (chakras). Similarly, number 8 symbolizes balance, harmony, two full circles represent wholeness and infinity.

The social issues studied are discussed from seven respective perspectives, based on the experience of the participants on aspects such as: personal expression, communication, sexuality, feelings, stability, position in society, and more. The number 8 symbolises the transcend to a new scale of consciousness, through acknowledging and accepting those perspectives.

“Transition to 8” aims to sensitise, mobilise and activate societies, raise awareness on current social issues and promote acceptance, by redefining the connection, among music, social psychology, and new technologies through an innovative process.

The platform

During the sociodrama sessions, bodily reactions will be recorded and the data will be extracted to create original audio and visual elements. The transformation of reactions to data will be performed by an innovative platform created by “Athena” Research Centre. 

Renowned and socially aware composers, artists, producers, and DJs will use this material to create music productions and visual artworks.

The festival

The musical and visual artworks will be presented in multimedia concerts, which will be held in local areas related to the corresponding social issues, such as former industrial units, degraded areas and other public areas. 

The project is part of the Operational Programme Competitiveness, Entrepreneurship and Innovation 2014-2020 (EPAnEK) and is co-financed by Greece and the European Union. 

Implementing bodies: MENTOR, NTUA – Department of Psychology, “Athena” Research Centre
Partner: CHORUS